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Corporate Diplomat is an advisory firm specializing in business critical issues.

We help our clients navigate the interconnected financial, political and social worlds to build trusted relationships with their stakeholders throughout delicate M&A transactions.

From financial distress through to raising funding on the capital markets, clients rely on Corporate Diplomat to find the right wording and master challenging outreach campaigns.

Our sector expertise combined with our deep seated knowledge of corporate communications means that boards and senior executives turn to us during leadership transitions, complex, cross-border work and business critical issues.

Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A is an integral part of the strategic business vision and often supports corporate growth objectives. Articulating the underlying rationale for an intended deal is a necessity for everybody involved. From upporting senior executives or investors on both the buyer’s and seller’s side during the exploration and negotiation phases, to managing roll-out at announcement and closing while encouraging a smooth integration, we help our customers tell their M&A story.

We map stakeholders and assess critical milestones for communication of the intended transaction. We explore the reputational footprint and the cultural profile of the target with future integration in mind. Furthermore, we develop a full scope communications plan and ensure its implementation, considering both internal and external audiences.

We work closely with the deal team or project management office throughout the entire M&A process, helping them to handle ambiguity and change. Sometimes, we rebrand an organization or create a new corporate identity from scratch. Our objective is to enable businesses to rapidly recover after periods of turbulence, and settle down for the “new normal”.


If you are on the selling side, your are keen to preserve your business’ value and avoid rumors to spread as they generate uncertainty for employees and customers. Communication streamlines both the period prior to a sale and ultimately the transfer.

Mergers and acquisitions aim to improve a market positioning, increase the corporate footprint or create a superior product offering. If you are on the seller’s side, you will be keen to ensure that the reputation of your business fits the expectations of potential buyers. We believe that sellers need to manage their own M&A communication just as effectively as buyers. We work to convey confidence in the future and support the entity’s preparedness for change.


Reorganisations and redundancies may occur as a result of synergy plans for M&As, during major organizational changes, a court-initiated restructuring or through bankruptcy. Whatever the context, the people impact of reorganisations usually generates a challenging emotional context.

Operating within the given legal and financial constraints, we will cope with uncertainty to preserve a dialogue and facilitate the journey to a balanced outcome.

For the announcement, we work out detailed timelines across geographies and ensure alignment across channels. We also prepare leadership for additional exposure and help bring consistency to the messaging. We ensure a timely roll-out and deal with incoming enquiries.

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