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Corporate Diplomat is an advisory firm specializing in business critical issues.

We help clients navigate the interconnected financial, political and social worlds to build trusted relationships with all their stakeholders, especially in delicate M&A situations.

From financial situations through to capital markets, crisis, employee engagement and litigation, clients rely on Corporate Diplomat for insight, advice, planning, preparedness, and campaigns.

Our sector expertise combined with our deep seated knowledge of corporate communications and relations, means that boards and senior executives turn to us during leadership transitions, for complex, cross-border work and business critical situations.

1. Exploration & Negotiation phase

The impact of the broader distribution of any information relating to the exploration phase can be critical and is often underestimated. Many managers feel uncomfortable when asking for additional information within their department without being able to provide the reasons.

We train managers to deal with ambiguity, prepare for frequently asked questions, facilitate training on compliance and help anticipating for leakage. We work alongside senior management to  conduct  stakeholder mappings.

We conduct online reputational assessments on a target as part of the due diligence process to identify potential risks. Our focus lays on a 360° preparation of the turbulences ahead.

2. Announcement phase

In an ideal world, the parties are in the driver’s seat for the moment of announcement of the deal. The better the preparation, the better the premises for the announcement.

While some transactions receive public exposure, the majority of deals remains below the radar and receives little or no visibility. Yet, every transaction brings a fundamental change at least for the buying or selling parties and for the impacted employees.

We are committed to ensure that the concerned stakeholder receive the right information on time in a format they can access.

For the announcement, we work out detailed timelines across geographies and ensure alignment across all channels. We also prepare leadership to additional exposure and help bringing consistency to the messaging. We ensure the roll-out of the announcement and deal with incoming enquiries.

3. The “in-between” phase

Once the news is out, the transition period can take up some time, often propitious for uncertainty and rumors. We help businesses maintain the critical momentum and decide on the most appropriate attitude.  Our focus here is on middle managers, who often feel challenged and are asked to provide answers to their team’s solicitations and concerns. Our purpose is to build on the early adapters and strengthen the group of supporters.

We provide key messages and draft Frequently Asked Questions to help retaining talent and create dedicated online platforms to make relevant information broadly available to the workforce if appropriate.

4. Closing phase

Ultimately, upon transfer of bespoke assets, the deal closes. It is now time to handle branding issues and (re)build the organizational identity. We help organizations recover focus on their productivity and set down for the new normal.

During the final phase of M&A, we conduct cultural audits and elaborate recommendations to smoothen the cultural shift, provide input for the transition and help sharing information.

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